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Who is "Kubwa"

Kubwa is my "fursona". An alter ego which represents me in the furry fandom. After over ten years of improving the character, he became an very important part of my life. The character Kubwa comes to life trought illustrations and 3D renderings.

Primarily my fursona is a muscular ArLiCo, a hybrid of ardenner stallion, lion and cougar. In another universe, my fursona is a German Shepherd Dog.

What is "Furry"

Furry describes a group of people who are interested in anthropomorphic animals within art, media, texts and acting. Some furries own a "Fursuit" to wear and live act as their own created characters.

These characters, most furries are inventing, are called fursonas. Some furries have just one fursona, others have multiple or just different characters.

Two fursonas?

Yes! I invented both characters and wanted to have both as main characters. To have both characters as my fursona Kubwa, i choosed to place both of them in paralel universes.

This way, they both can be my fursona Kubwa at the same time. The storyline i invented allows crossovers of both of their universes.


Art is very important for me and many other furries. The entire furry fandom comes to life trought awesome and talented artists.

There are many other fandoms around the world (like the anime fandom). The main difference to the furry fandom is, that this fandom lifes trought content its users are creating for themselfes.

This fact and that fursonas are so meaningful to most of the furries, makes this fandom so important for me. I spend a lot of money for artwork of my fursona, to bring him to life.


After years of hiding myself at home, i visited Eurofurence in the year 2018 and saw how wonderful and fun conventions can be. Since this first convention, i love visiting cons and i try to visit as much conventions as i can.


I'am a fursuiter and performing at selected furry conventions and fursuit walks in germany and europe. My fursuit is one of my characters, Felix, a lynx. On this map you will see which events i have and will attend to.

Conventions i will attend to Conventions i will maybe attend to Conventions i went to in the past

OpenSimulator Manager

I wrote a management software for the OpenSimulator software. This software can be bought from me and helps setting up and handling an OpenSimulator based grid.

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